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Nelson Marlborough 2019 Halberg Day Report

Nelson/Marlborough 2019 Eagles Halberg Day Report

An excellent day at Rarangi Golf Club in Marlborough, fine weather and some fine golf on a well attended day. 121 players took part.

Our National President David Howie carried the flag for the society played some good golf and personally handed out all the prizes.

Thanks to Graeme and Anne Daines for a well organised and run tournament producing the $7,000 donation to Halberg.

Many thanks also to all the Halberg sub committee and helpers on the day.

Also thanks to Rarangi Golf Club and members for the use of their course, which was very well presented.


Major winners of the Eagles Halberg Golf Tournament played at the Rarangi Golf Course on Friday 11thOctober. 


1stTrish Robertson 40, 2ndBridget Quaife 39, 3rdJane Ingram 37,4thRobyn Frater 37, 5thJudith Batty 36, 6thHelen Neame 36, 7thSusan Greenstreet 36, 8thDiane McCarthy 36, 9thDale McCrindle 36,


1stJeff Pascoe 41, 2ndTony Nichol 39, 3rdBrent Baker 39, 4thEzra Kahaki 39, 5thJonathan Tuheke 39, 6thBarry Masters 38, 7thDennis Beggs 37, 8thIain Berrie 37, 9thMalcolm Pettigrew 37, 10thAllan Shutkowski 37, 11thRoss Kennington 37, 12thMark Milne 37, 13thIan Newport 37, 14thGraeme Daines 37, 15thRobin Frengley 37

Teams Event:

1ston 145 Tracey Bary, Dale McCrindle, Bridge Quaife, Helen Neame 

2ndon 140 Rachael Bell, Margaret McLeod, Carla Hepplethwaite, Trish Robertson 

3rdon 140 Peter Browning, Jerome January, Martyn Birch, Iain Berrie

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