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Northland Halberg Report 2022


I attended the Northland Halberg at the Whangarei Golf Club on Thursday May 5.

A large field of more than 100 began play in the rain but the weather improved remarkably and we then enjoyed pleasant playing conditions.

I joined National Past President Bob Rosevear, Northland President Mike Gavin and Halberg Rep James Glen on the tee and we had a very enjoyable day, though once again the National President and National Past President lost the haggle – which seems to have become a tradition.

The local Eagles did a wonderful job of running the day, despite the fact the two main organisers went down with Covid and the baton had to be passed to the rest at the last minute.

With entry fees, raffles and an auction, approximately $7000 was raised - extremely well done!

I want to pass on a big thankyou to Mike Gavin and his wife Leona for their hospitality while they had me to stay for 2 nights.  You two were wonderful hosts though I must apologise for the (Covid Related) phone call the next day - sorry team.

Well done Northland Eagles. Keep up the good work.

Bob Brent

National President