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victory pine 6th mt denby


PATRON - J.A. Cleary (Jac), phone: 021 171-1097
PRESIDENT - D.Pulman (Don) phone: (09) 434-3059
PAST PRESIDENT - M.Gavin (Mike) phone (09) 436-2777
CAPTAIN - T.Saward (Terry) Phone (09) 401-9026
VICE CAPTAIN -J.Pennington (John) phone: 027 406-4666
SEC/TREAS - M.Pennington (Margaret) phone: 027 432-8275
APPAREL OFFICER - C. Jessop (Carol) phone (09) 436-5634
M. MacFadyen (Murray) phone: 021 156-0688
B.Larmer (Bruce) phone 021 836181

About the Northland Eagles

The Northland Eagles were founded in 1967 but it was not until 1974 that our "Home Club" or nest was established. The Whangarei Golf Club agreed to be our hosts and welcomed our Society to use their course and facilities on a regular basis. At present we hold our Annual General Meeting and Christmas function there, coupling the days with golf and dinners, and our annual Halberg Trust Golf Tournament is also held at Mt Denby. See photos of the Whangarei Golf Club clubhouse below and the photo above is Mt Denby's famous landmark -- its Victory Pine. This is a grotesque but fascinating double Norfolk Pine which graces the sixth fairway near the tee. Both the pine and the Mt Denby course features prominently in one of New Zealand's most notable golf books, Great Golf Holes of New Zealand, published in 1971. Rumour has it that the tree was struck by lighting when small -- well over 100 years ago.

whangarei cg 2

whangarei cg